Active Date Manager

Date Manager

Active Date Manager is a digital personal organizer that will make you more productive at home and at work. This software allows you to manage your schedules, organize important information, remind you of appointments, to-do lists and more.

Active Date Manager is an event planner and organizer in one to help remind you of things you should do, events you need to attend, and dates you should not miss.

You can set up an audio or video alarm to notify you of your schedule. Also, you can create and manage to-do lists, list priorities and tasks and set alarms for each entry.

Active Date Manager also has appointment reminders and color-coding schemes to help you get more organized, and you can assign file names, documents or links to all entries which you can launch automatically or manually upon viewing.

Active Date Manager also has a password manager to keep all the information stored in the program protected and an Active Date Manager that is encrypted for your protection.

It uses 64-bit encryption to prevent others from accessing your files. The Active Date Manager also has customizable address book that is fully configurable.